My name is Anna and I am a dreamer, writer and travel lover!


I am originally from the Far-Eastern part of Russia. I spent my 24 years living in few steps from ocean waves, seagulls, and with Musson wind caught in curly hair.
In the first day of studying year in my home country, I landed in the place of my dreams – fairy New Zealand. I have been here before: at the age of 16 and during my honeymoon, but now I would like to taste the smell, to feel the magic and to live the reality of this place.

I am working as Dentist Assistant now, love baking and writing. Adore hiking, walking and creating dreams. I have been studying in Medical Uni for 7 years and qualified as a Doctor. Got the NZ Diploma in Health Care management.

I have visited few countries: Denmark, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Fiji and New Zealand as well as different Russian cities so I reckon I have something to share with you. Welcome to my blog! Cheers!

Here you can find more about my life, my dreams, my adventures:


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